TVA Power Plant

Project: BellefontE Nuclear Power PlanT
Location: Hollywood, AL
Type: Industry

The OSB (office and services building at Bellefonte is being renovated with the intent of becoming LEED certified.  The HVAC systems are of higher efficiency, lighting and lighting controls are optimized by the use of occupancy sensors and recycled materials are being used in construction.

Certification: 2014


TVA Office Complex

PROJECT: Chattanooga Office Complex

TVA is completing a mechanical equipment upgrade of the main Chattanooga facility over the next 5-year period.  

The project will consist of the replacement of all existing air

handling units (34), chillers (4) and HVAC control system. 

All the air handlers are variable volume type with unit mounted chilled water coils.  Hot water heating coils are on units conditioning exterior spaces only. 

Design includes extensive field measurement and verification.  Selection of the new units are critical, not only to meet the efficiency criteria but to match the existing duct and piping schemes.