McCallie Dormitory

Project: McCallie School
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Type: Education

In 2009, Compass Cx & Design worked with The McCallie School on their new Burns Hall dormitory project. 

During the commissioning design review process, load calculations were performed based on design parameters and functional testing of the existing dorms HVAC system.  As a result of the work, the chiller size requirement was reduced from 100 tons to 50 tons and the boiler size was reduced from 1 MBH to 400 kBTU.  

Commissioning was performed during and after construction to ensure proper installation and function of the systems.


  • $12,000 savings in first cost (equipment)
  • $1,150/year in operating costs savings

McCallie Science Building


McCallie School is expanding their campus by proposing a new science building.  The building will be 3-stories with 11 chemistry and biology labs as well as prep and office areas. 

The HVAC system design includes a 100-ton air-cooled chiller mounted on the roof with 2 energy recovery units (ERU).  The ERU’s will utilize heat wheels along with chilled and hot water coils to maintain space temperature and humidity.  Lab hood exhaust will be used to regenerate the energy recovery wheels. 

Heating for the building will be a 1000 MBH boiler located in the lower level mechanical room. 

The labs will feature a setback scenario to allow for energy savings during periods of inactivity.