Mountain States Health Alliance

Project: MSHA
Location: Johnson City, TN
Type: Healthcare

MSHA has many facilities under their umbrella.  Two hospitals, Johnson City Medical Center and Franklin Woods Community Hospital, had similar issues regarding their boiler systems.

JCMC -- Boiler System Deaerator had been venting steam through the roof for a considerable amount of time.  This equates to large amounts of energy waste.  Troubleshooting the system proved equipment failure.  System equipment and repairs were supervised and system is now functioning properly.

FWCH -- Boiler Deaerator Heat Exchange (HX) system had been venting steam through the roof for a considerable amount of time. Troubleshooting the system proved oversized equipment and poor steam control.  Re-designing the system to a more appropriate size for load and use corrected the problem thus saving the hospital money.


LOCATION: Johnson City, TN

Problem #1 – Excessive humidity in Operating Room suites during cooling season.  

Solution - A low dew point unit was used to precondition the outside air for the main surgery air-handling unit (AHU). A Munters unit ducted directly to the outside air connection on the surgery roof mounted AHU. The Munters unit was mounted on a steel frame and provided make up air at very low dew point.

Problem #2 – CT Scan room equipment upgraded from a liquid cooled unit to an air-cooled design.   Solution – Because of lack of space above the ceiling, a new rooftop unit design was selected.  All equipment and ductwork was relocated to the roof.